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Top-Notch Food & Beverage Delivery In Columbia

Looking for a tasty meal delivered straight to your door? Carolina Holding Company was founded in 2004 in Columbia S.C Carolina Holding Company is a reliable and dependable company with the ability to grow our track record show that we are capable, the customers satisfaction is our number one goal hope we can continue serving you in the coming future, please remember that we only offer wholesale products, Carolina Holding is a division of Carolina Vendors Inc trademark is the property of Carolina Vendors Inc and the law prohibit the use of mark in any way any time by any means without written . Get in touch to place an order online.

Classic Recipes & Amazing Taste

We pride ourselves on cooking outstanding dishes that will treat your tongue to all sorts of delights. There’s nothing quite like delivery when you simply can’t find the will to cook after a long day of work. We also offer a variety of foods throughout the week, so you don’t need to order the same thing day in and day out (unless you want to).

Cooking For You With Pride

We know just what our customers are looking for and craft our cooking to tempt and excite your taste buds. From the moment of giving in your order, to the point when you collect your meal, we aim to please with a range of affordable dishes that don’t compromise on flavour or quality, we think you’ll agree.


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